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Create Perfect Moments™

                          Welcome to Create Perfect Moments™                                                                     in concert with                                                                              Sedona Empowerment™

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Create Perfect Moments™ specializes in providing virtual/web-based

lifestyle coaching services and supporting materials available through this website.

Hello. I am Connie McQuade, founder of Sedona Empowerment and Create Perfect Moments, which mentor folks to enhance their lifestyles through natural events that can be explored. I am honored and grateful that you are visiting here, and have selected me, to support you, as you accomplish your successful journey.

          Progress is best measured in small steps, in moments. Every step, each moment, combines into an evolutionary whole. With diligence and practice, you will create a lifestyle you love to live. Be present as the Superstar in your life, to enrich yourself fully.

The electromagnetic fields of our hearts are much more potent than are those of our brains. We are always enmeshed into the Stuff that is made up of particles, electricity, and magnetism. To change our experiences, we first change the feelings radiated by our hearts. Those feelings are reflected to us by the Mirror of All That Is. Be in Love and Generosity. Be Love.

What could you do in this moment, to love and appreciate yourself more? The implosion process of self love and acknowledgement creates a vaccum within, which offers an invitation to Love to fill the abyss and, to experience Itself expanding through you. The bonus is that your capacity to be more loving is amplified, and the radiance of your loving vibration is broadcasted outwards to others, who react to you in loving ways.

Allow the implosion to occur by releasing control of externalities and surrenduring to a gentleness with yourself. We are beings of progression, not perfection. Creating perfect moments refers to designing incremental experiences, which support your feelings of contentment. 


Those moments are then weaved into the lifestyle you love living.

If you choose to operate with the understanding and possibility of there being a power that is greater than you to partner with as a creator of your lifestyle, the concept to realize is that your intentions will be the most potent, when you utilize the paradigms of your selected belief system. If you prefer to include Divine Beings who are significant to you, please do so. But, it is not necessary, to successfully practice the techniques within this technology. Electricity and particles are within everything and surround us always - our assignment is the learning journey, to manage ourselves and master intelligence so Intelligence is attracted to partner with us.

Imagine a lifestyle you love to live, then create it perfectly moment by moment.

What could you do in this moment, to share love and generosity?

Start where you are right now, with what you have. Share a smile. :D

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