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The Messenger


In 2009, I sold my business of nine years in the gift basket business. After a few months of boredom, I signed up for an oil painting class at the local community center. When I arrived, I noticed everyone had a story as to why they were there.    

     I realized quickly, that I could paint. I was in shock. As I progressed in my newly found talent, I noticed the top of my head would pulsate. Sometimes the throbbing would be strong and disruptive. Pulsating is the best way to describe it because it felt like a heartbeat on the very top of my head, encapsulating my entire skull. This continued for about two years. Sometimes it felt stronger than other times, and usually it was more energetic while I was painting.

My paintings seemed uninteresting and typical. I kept thinking I need to add another layer, something extraordinary, creating movement and a looser stroke.    

     After two weeks of meditating on this, I came up with the tissue paper idea. One morning as I awoke, a light bulb went on… and so it began.

For two years I experimented with the technique, including burning about twelve canvases in my firepit. My earlier paintings had less dimension, and as it advanced, the paintings became sculptures adding more and more layers. Now, a typical painting can protrude about two to three inches from the canvas. I’m still perfecting my method and every painting allows me to push the envelope.

     I am extremely grateful for my talent and feel connected to the angelic world since my download of inspiration and creativity. Since then, I meditate regularly and ask for guidance on how to proceed with certain art projects. I will continue to paint for many years to come and you can expect new paintings in the future inspired by the heavens. ~ Michelle Larsen


Sometimes reality and the mind

are a world apart.


There are people in our society who believe in the artist’s place in the world. I am fortunate to know some of those people, and they have never stopped believing in me. They have shared their thoughts and feelings and given me support and encouragement. They have shown me that what I do is important. Through my art I have learned the importance of following my heart. ~ Daniel B. Merriam





The Eye of a Dreamer


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Imagine a lifestyle you love to live, then create it perfectly moment by moment.

What could you do in this moment, to share love and generosity?

Start where you are right now, with what you have. Share a smile. :D

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