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Emerald Hart™

Be In Love

Connie selected Emerald Hart as her pen name because it offered a reminder of the emerald green heart chakra as it might appear in Wholeness. Importance was given to initiating experiences of completeness, rather than focusing attention onto whom the person of reflection is named as in the land of calendars and clocks. 


How will you love yourself and others more in this moment?

How could you be loved and adored by everyone you know, everywhere you go?

You are already a smile millionaire. The magic of sharing smiles with everyone, is that you get some back. The bonus is that you allow yourself to receive. Giving and receiving are indeed, the same thing. When you feel loving feelings radiating throughout your being, the Divine rewards you as an expanded expression of Itself. The supply of love is limitless.


O Great Wise Knower of all things within me, tell me show me, how to share Love generously with everyone. (Use your spiritual or religious wording instead of mine, if you prefer. :D)

The center colors of the logo heart are fuchsia and magenta, the colors of the Sacred Heart Chakra© - a seldom acknowledged, essential component of the integrated centers within the human energy systems. We are informed that the heart chakra is an emerald green color.

This chakra participates in aspects of self-esteem and self-love; and, integrates them through the mechanisms of self-confidence, acceptance, and nurturing support.  It completes the details of clarion connectiveness to All That Is.

In the end, there will be nothing

We have said or done

That will be more important

Than how much we gave,

How much we loved others,

And whether we loved ourselves

As much as Goodness loves us.

You are Love.

Be in Love.

~~Emerald Hart~~

What could you do in this moment, to share love and generosity?

Start where you are right now, with what you have. Share a smile. :D

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