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About Create Perfect Moments

Create Perfect Moments™ specializes in providing services and supporting materials.

It is a premise for the development of the forthcoming Sedona Institute of Empowerment.

Create Perfect Moments™ is a soulful science founded to provide an eased pathway for those seeking assistance to learn about themselves, and to develop their innate skills of self-realization while manifesting external experiences to their contentment. The hallmark philosophies of love, compassion, generosity, and forgiveness are fundamental presentations.


The CPM™ wisdom is premised on a synthesis of science: The Theory of Relativity, Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics and associated theories, and The Law of Attraction. It is universally compatible with cultural creeds, religions, arts, and ancient ideologies. The ideal, "perfect moment," is individually defined as a condition or situation that is suited to personal contentment.


CPM™ is a technology that interfaces spirituality and metaphysics with the philosophies of quantum physics such as string theory, dark matter, and energy. Electricity and particles are within everything and surround us always. "Science" is defined here as a body of facts and principles sharing the operation of general laws and constituents, gained by systematic study.

It's easy to be a giving receiver. Generosity seeks after It's Giver.

What could you do in this moment, to share love and generosity?

Start where you are right now, with what you have. Share a smile. :D

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