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Create Perfect Moments™ specializes in providing virtual education about philosophies within the enviornments of  quantum physics

and the wisdom of practical  integration into your lifestyle.

Oopsie try again Connie McQuade

Progress is best measured in small steps, in moments. Every step, each moment, combines into an evolutionary whole.  Hint: we all have to experience life one moment at a time; there's no jumping ahead to the next moment before you finish this one. :D 

Will it be masterfully designed, or like a spinning compass because you don't know where you are going next, or how to get there?

Enrich this moment with your full attention. Be present as the Superstar in your life, partnering with your Creator to design one moment at a time.  And before you know it, you will have created the lifestyle you love to live. This is a developed art of being in Beingness with the One.

Design perfect to be what you love to do, to feel, to be.

What can you do now, to take the first step?

How will you experience this moment?


Do What You Love ~ Be In Love ~ Be Love and Generosity

In 2017, Connie graduated from Arizona State University through the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, where she completed an MS Degree in Legal Studies (MLS) and graduated Suma Cum Laude. 

Connie's sister Cheryl and brother Sam.

Before that, and after 46 years of continued college enrollment with a lot of life mixed in, Connie graduated from Northern Arizona University in May 2015. She received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Humanities.


As I lived in Flagstaff for 20 years, every time I passed by the NAU entrances I told myself, someday I will graduate from there.

Her motto is, "Don't ever give up."

My career history inclludes operating my current business of 10 years, Notary Ease LLC. As a contractor, I work with about 200 companies from around the USA; I am a closer in the real estate finance industry. Previously, I was a real estate broker for 14 years. Because I wanted to be an Emergency Medical Technician, I worked in emergency medicine as an EMT for 7 years.

When we love ourselves more, our capacity to love others increases because we partner with Divinity. Love has no boundaries. Is it possible to love too much? That sounds like an oxymoron, doesn't it? Discernment and forgiveness, not judgment, are essential to mastering unconditional love. And, if there's no judgment, there's no forgiveness ... funny thing. :D

When your moment is not perfect, try again. Catch yourself right then, forgive you for your self-perceived shortcomings, chuckle, and try again. The possibility of encountering external imperfections is 100%.

What then? Release judgment!

What's going on behind the scenes, we might wonder? 

What happens after I plan my plan and send it out to the Universe, we might ask?

Visit often. Be in Love always.

What could you do in this moment, to share love and generosity?

Start where you are right now, with what you have. Share a smile. :D

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